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POSTER: Larry Odence Send a Private Message to Larry Odence Email   — POSTED: 10/29/08  — 04:22:19 PM
As earlier advised, we won't have a new sail design prototype until 2009 so anyone desiring a new sail should plan on buying the same configuration as has been constructed for some years.If you would like to take advantage of bulk purchase, please contact Tom Burgess or me and we will try to help. Squteague will honor last winters price of $1072, as I recall, before sales tax provided we can get an order put together by early December.

A Brief report on Grounds
POSTER: Thomas Burgess Send a Private Message to Thomas Burgess Email   — POSTED: 09/29/08  — 10:06:01 PM
On 9/12 TKB, Bob Boden and Larry O disassembled the opti racks and stored them in the new shed.This took about 30 minutes.We then disassembled the old 'Rudder Rack" and by altering the uppermost laser rack slightly, installed the plywood patforms from this on the north side of this rack as a rudder storage area.The rest of the wood was removed to the Town Transfer Station. At the same time we removed the plywood cover over the shelves added on the back of the old shed and fixed the door to same which had fallen off as a permanent side.This is now an open set of shelves where life preservers etc. can be stored somewhat out of sight.

On 9/20 TKB was joined by the missus and Larry O., the Longs, Richie Boden, Chrissie Kelly, Dake Henderson, and Brad Wheelwright. The entire lawn was trimmed and weed whacked.We were able to run the Graveley well behind the sheds clearing out brush and brambles int he back and along the east side of the property. 5 yards of loam which had been dumped incorrectly was moved and spread over the "lawn' which was overseeded. This was a fair amount of work.About 2/3 of the loam was used to fill in the dips toward the baech where water tends to stand after rain.A ten foot 2/12 was sunk in ground along the lower edge of the 'lawn' to hold this loam - thanks to great work by Dake and DJ. It proved its worth in the nearly six inches of rain we have had this weekend.The 2 small sets of wheels were stored in the new shed.Some grass has germinated but a lot has been washed about by the heavy rain, and we will rake and reseed a few areas this week.Pieter B. unleashed the white tornado on the inside of the old shed and it passes "Dutch Inspection"!Bob Boden could not attend on 9/20 but loaned us his monster bolt cutters and much extraneous chain has been cut away from trees and the fence.The remainder will go at the end of this week.

In the midst of all of this, Larry and Brad field stripped the beach from our property to Hooper's landing as part of the coastal cleanup - yielding two big plastic bags of junk.So there we are; we did a lot in a short time and had great camaraderie.Racing next day, Rich Boden won a hard fought battle with a very fickle wind and strong tide to take first in #90 on the course Platt-Loop 2X to port.Looking forward to a bit of a race this weekend, I hope,Yrs,TKB

Autumn Clean-Up Sat Sept 20 at 9:30 AM
POSTER: Thomas Burgess Send a Private Message to Thomas Burgess Email   — POSTED: 09/10/08  — 11:57:48 AM
Volunteers are encouraged to show up at the CMYC on Sat 9/20 at 9:30 or so to help with reseeding the grass and trimming trees etc. as well as joining the 'coastal clean-up' of Ropes Beach & Hooper's Landing.

T.K. Burgess, Grounds Guru

new officers
POSTER: Casey Dannhauser Send a Private Message to Casey Dannhauser Email   — POSTED: 09/09/08  — 04:29:10 PM
for those who were not at the labor day meeting, our new officers are:Commodore: Mike DannhauserSecretary: Jamie JacksonTreasurer: Adam KeallyJr. Representative: Michelle Solomon

ACMYC Annual Meeting
POSTER: nick peirson Send a Private Message to nick peirson Email   — POSTED: 08/14/08  — 12:53:23 PM
The Annual meeting of the ACMYC is this Saturday, August 16th at 5:30pm.It will be held at Freedom Hall.The meeting will be brief, 30 - 45 minutes.Please plan on attending.Any questions, email me at or call 508-420-0486.Sincerely,Nick PeirsonPresident ACMYC

Pictures from the Narrows Race on July 5, 2008
POSTER: Brian Murphy Send a Private Message to Brian Murphy Email   — POSTED: 07/06/08  — 06:20:20 PM
Hi All,I happened to be at Ropes when the Race was about to get under way.I took some pictures from Ropes, Cotuit Oyster Co., and Cordwood Landing.They are in the "Murphys Album" in the subpage "Narrows Race 2008".This is a hobby of mine and I thought I would share.If you are interested in any of the images, please let me know.The pictures posted here are a very rough edit, therefore I would like the opportunity to tweak them before I email you the full size image.Most of them need to be brightened up a bit.Regards,Brian

Race Schedule/Crew/Week of July 25 - August 3
POSTER: Vincent DAvena Send a Private Message to Vincent DAvena Email   — POSTED: 06/11/08  — 09:19:50 AM
Hi All,You may or may not remember me, itís been a while.First let me say that I miss Cotuit and the CMYC a great deal, its still a dream to move back and teach for a few summers, but right now Family and a new Business are keeping me too busy.I'll be up this summer for just over a week at the end of July, and I thought it would be terrific fun to reach out and see if I could crew or rent a skiff for a weekend towards the end of July.Crewing would be great, but either would do, I just miss sailing/racing "In Cotuit" to no end.So, if you remember me or can offer a point of contact, please email me at or at at any time.Hopefully I'll see you this summer.Regards,Vinny D'AvenaEx 420 Coach/Student/Teacher/Crash boat Operator

RE: Prototype Sails from Squeteague
POSTER: Thomas Burgess Send a Private Message to Thomas Burgess Email   — POSTED: 05/03/08  — 01:24:36 PM
Prototype sail - 2008The prototype sail with 56" cloth is in the works and paid for,our thanks go to those who donated & who will, of course, have a preferred slot for trying out same.After two on-site meetings with the sail committee, the following details have been settled with the sail maker:1. Battens - the prototype will carry three battens of equal length - in the manner of the most recent Oriental sails.2. Grommets: grommets have been standardized on the head, luff and foot.There will be a grommet 4" below the luff/jaws clew for yachts that carry track to that height. This is additional to the regular grommets for track or lashing on the luff.3. Jack line: the jack line will continue to be a part of the rig. The grommet 2" above the gooseneck clew is specifically for tying off the jack line. Some folks are confused about the purpose of the jack line: the slides on the lower part of the luff tend to stick on raising or lowering the sails as the sail becomes taut in that area when the peak is lowered. By fastening the lowerslides on the jack line between each pair plastic line holders and fixing the jack line taut to the grommet 2" above the gooseneck clew when the sail is raised, the slides hold the sail in position when raised but become slack as the jack line is loosened as the sail is lowered.Thus, there is no binding on the track going up or down. I've not tried this myself with a lashed sail but will to see if the method works as well with that rig.4.Stitching:if the prototype is successful, the sailmaker will guarantee exact replication of the stitching on all seams as long as orders are placed with him before December 15 each year.He will, if material and time allow, make an extra sail or two for late [Spring/Summer> buyers in this 12/15 order lot.However, he cannot guarantee that a sail ordered out of the 'group' purchase on 12/15 will be stitched on the same [superior> machine as the winter sails.Orders after 12/15 may be subject to a change in pricing as well.5. Reef points: On the prototype and all recent sails, the sail maker recommends sanding the reef lines lightly with a fine sandpaper to roughen the line in order that it may grip at the knot more effectively.We're looking forward to testing this new sail against other Squeteague sails new and old in the coming season.Yours,TKB et alii

Housing Needed for 420 Coach
POSTER: Lincoln Jackson   Send a Private Message to Lincoln Jackson Email   — POSTED: 03/28/08  — 06:50:55 AM
All, we need to house a 420 coach this summer. Right now we have an excellent canidate. She would require housing in order to take the position. If you have spare bedroom and would like to help the club please call me a 954-294-7151 or email at

Sail Design, Present and Future
POSTER: Larry Odence Send a Private Message to Larry Odence Email   — POSTED: 12/17/07  — 05:50:57 PM
The CMYC Sail Committee has been working with Squeteague Sailmakers for some months in an effort to keep the price of new Skiff sails from going though the roof. With increases in raw materials and especially labor, it looks like we will be shortly faced with a price for a new sail approaching $1,200 beforesales tax of 5%. In an effort to try to keep the cost close to $1,000 we have been dicussing a change in raw material to a German cloth with wider panels which will significantly reduce labor. The sailmaker opines that with his computer cutting of cloth, Cotuit would have a technically comparable product at lower cost. We have agreed to buy one prototype for racers to experiment with during the summer of 2008 which will give an opportunity to compare it with the new sails being built this winter with the same raw material and construction procedures used over the past five years or so. The sail price for this lot is $1,072. The ACMYC has kindly agreed to sponsor this project, and to this end we have already had some skippers' pledging an extra donation to the Association to help defray the cost of the prototype. With this review we are asking other interested CMYC skiff racers to participate with an extra contribution to the ACMYC NEW SKIFF SAIL PROJECT as well. Please make sure it is so designated but, of course, DO NOT MAKE THIS CONTRIBUTION in lieu of your regular support of that organization. After the 2008 season, the prototype, if satisfactory, will be sold to a skipper as a used sail with the proceeds going to the ACMYC. We already have one owner expressing interest, With your support the ACMYC will hopefully have a net gain from their willingness to assist in this endeavour. We would also ask that you pass the word to Skiff skippers who may not have access to the CMYC website and thus be unaware of the opportunity.Despite snow and ice on very cold ground in Cotuit, think summer and many thanks for your support,For The CMYC Sail Committee; Tom Burgess and Larry Odence

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