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Championship Series and Governor's Bowl TIME - RACE COMMITTEE
POSTER: Thomas Burgess Send a Private Message to Thomas Burgess Email   — POSTED: 07/13/06  — 01:19:23 PM
By decision of the Race Committee, the Grand Island Race of July 8, 2006 will not form part of the Championship Series for this year only.Thus the Championship Series will comprise 4 races commencing with the Governor's Bowl on Saturday July 15.By regulations, racers must race 3 out of the 4 races to qualify for the series.THE GOVERNOR'S BOWL STARTING TIME IS INCORRECTLY LISTED ON THE SCHEDULE.RACER'S SHOULD BE AT THE DOCK BY 9:00 AM FOR THIS RACE.ANCHOR& LINE, BUCKET, OAR, AS WELL AS REQUIRED SAFETY FLOTATION MUST BE CARRIED ON THIS RACE.THE RACE COMMITTEE WILL MEET AT T. BURGESS'S HOUSE AT 4;30 PM ON SATURDAY, JULY 15 TO HANDLE ANY UNFINISHED DISCUSSION OF THE GRAND ISLAND RACE AND PREPARATION FOR THE 100TH.T.K. BURGESSCHAIRMAN, RACE COMMITTEE

Opti Regatta
POSTER: Philip Odence   Send a Private Message to Philip Odence Email   — POSTED: 07/07/06  — 08:35:10 PM
Note: The CMYC schedule erroneously indicates that the Opti Regatta in on Tues, Aug1; in fact it's on Monday, July 31. My bad.Just trying to ge the word out.

Dinner and Portpotties
POSTER: Philip Odence   Send a Private Message to Philip Odence Email   — POSTED: 06/24/06  — 02:43:43 PM
As of today the dinner signups exceeded capacity (we are at 216 with capacity of 200. Not sure how to handle.But, the good news is, Dale Edmunds has voluteered to take on the position of Portapottie Chairman in addition to his responsibilities for the Treasury.

CMYC100 Dinner
POSTER: Philip Odence   Send a Private Message to Philip Odence Email   — POSTED: 06/14/06  — 07:28:52 AM
FYI, the seats for the CMYC100 dinner have gone like hotcakes and we are almost at capacity.

Howdy from Austin and three decades ago
POSTER: Suzanne Shaps Send a Private Message to Suzanne Shaps Email   — POSTED: 06/19/06  — 07:53:54 PM
I see some new names, but to those of you who remember me, I look forward to seeing you all in August.Suzanne Shaps

CMYC apparel
POSTER: Mike Crane Send a Private Message to Mike Crane Email   — POSTED: 05/13/06  — 09:14:55 PM
Just to remind all, there are new products available on-line now for our 100th celebration.Please be generous with your orders as all proceeds will support 100th events.Go to CMYC100 Stuff and click on logo apparel.Credit cards are accepted and they will send it right to your house.Thanks,Mike Crane

Possible Opening for Potential Tin Cup Regatta Skippers
POSTER: Larry Odence Send a Private Message to Larry Odence Email   — POSTED: 04/23/06  — 12:32:56 PM
During the Tin Cup Regatta, there are likely to be a number of regular and semi-regular Skiff racers who will be very busy running races, arranging for lunches etceteras. This could interfere with the number of Skiffs actually participating in the Regatta races. On the other hand I can envisage a number of not so regular and even “retired” traditional Skiff sailors who might like to try their hands on a Skiff tiller during such an important event. In order to provide fun for the most number of would be racers and also maximize the fleet, it might be helpful to have a list of skipper candidates from those who do not have ready access to a boat. If there is such an interest, please sign up as there are provisions for responding on the CMYC Skiff web site where this will be posted underDiscussion Forums-CMYC 100 General Discussion.Recognizing that there can be a need for crews as well as interested candidates, I am hopeful that more advanced prammers and other older kids within the ACMYC instructional program will want to become very much involved with the Regatta races.

The Parade is On
POSTER: Philip Odence   Send a Private Message to Philip Odence Email   — POSTED: 04/18/06  — 07:17:41 AM
Cool cousins Jamie and Pat Jackson have agreed to take on responsibility for our entry in the 4th of July parade. Yahoo!

Social Status...from Hellie
POSTER: Philip Odence   Send a Private Message to Philip Odence Email   — POSTED: 04/17/06  — 07:51:15 PM
All is well with the hospitality crew. The lunches, dinners etc. all seem to be comming along. Barbara Faye and I are working out all the details for the dinner and that is going well. We met on a cold rainey day down there last month and viewed the space with caterer. It should really prove to be a relaxing and lovely event. Jan has been working hard on curating the exhibit Cotuit Skiffs over the last hundred years. This should be a great show and the CCA is really excited about it as well. We are hopingto lower the price per ticket by $15 or so (stay tune no promises, but we did get the wine donated). We are working on the liquor permit, insurance, etc..I need to talk with Greg Austin (could you e-mail me. I can't seem to e-mail you from my computer) with some more specifics regarding insurance and the liquor permit.

The lunches are coming along. A tent has been ordered(and donated) and now it's just the portapotties (which I believe Dale has under control). I have been assured we are all set with insurance for my house. I assume by now the teenagers have contacted the Swartwood neighbors regarding spill over by the CMYC during the regatta.

I reserved Freedom Hall for the teen dance and as a back up for the square dance. We must all pray for good weather!

Sally J and Michelle Long are all set for the Sunday reception at the Danhausers. I think we are in good shape. We will be calling everyone who volunteered to make sandwiches etc. closer to the time. THIS SHOULD BE FUN!

Submitted by Hellie Swartwood

Biggest SKiff Race Ever
POSTER: Larry Odence Send a Private Message to Larry Odence Email   — POSTED: 04/17/06  — 04:29:13 PM
Dear Cotuit Skiff Fleet:-----We have had more than 40 responses or roughly half of the potential fleet, mostly favorable,to the invitation to this great once in a lifetime event scheduled for July 30, 2006. For those slow poke Skiffs, we will be sending out a reminder in the coming weeks. To save stamps, stationary and especially Nelson's signature hand it would be great if many of you would respond prior to this next and hopefully last mailing. If you are too tired to even think of participating, we will cry but we would still like to know that for planning purposes. It still looks like a fleet of 50 plus will report that day for all the fun activities hopefully including some games and even a "gourmet" picnic lunch.

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