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Rules, Rules Changes, Rules Quizzes
Buy a quick reference card of the new rules
The laminated, two sided card summarizes the racing rules that apply when boats meet on the race course. A copy in the cockpit or mounted on the bulkhead can serve as a handy reference for the racing skipper and crew.

1. Speed And Smarts
A bi-weekly magazine from the folks at North U. to which one may subscribe (for a fee) either for the website or for a mailed hardcopy magazine.The following rules quizzes are free and quick:
a.) Rules test #1
b.) Rules test #2

2. Racing Rules of Sailing online
a.) Download the ISAF 2013-2016 Rules in PDF - FREE
b.) Rules and Definitions, Section C (Marks and Obstructions)
c.) Comparison of Old Rules and New Rules

3. Explanations of key changes
a.) Powerpoint presentation on rules changes
b.) News by Dave Perry, rules expert.
c.) From Look To Windward, a rules geek blog: all posts tagged with Definitions

4. VIDEOS from Dave Perry Seminar
a.) Intro
b.) the Zone
c.) room 1
d.) room 2
e.) gates
f.) 17.2 gone
g.) obstructions

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