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Sail Purchasing [07/2009]
The 2009 Cotuit Skiff Race Committee adopted some regulations applicable to Skiff sails in accordance with recommendations of the CMYC Sail Committee as follows:The RC adopted a motion presented by Tom Burgess that:

1. The RC accepts the long held authority to assign sail numbers to skiff and that

2. Henceforth sail numbers will be issued to yachts in order of the production of the hulls and that old numbers be retired in the event that old hulls are destroyed.

3. However, the RC felt that there should be an opportunity for owners to appeal to the then sitting RC in case of very unusual circumstances. That being said it is hoped that the membership will accept the principle that only one number applies to a hull making historical tracing in the future easier as well as fitting in with the methodology of most one design classes.

4. A brief discussion reviewed the fact that there exist a few anomalies in numbering which do not fall into any logical sequence. It was agreed that an effort should be made to persuade these skippers to adopt the appropriate hull numbers as sail numbers when they replace their sails.

5. It was also agreed that each Skiff shall observe the Rules of Sailing Appendix G "Identification of Sails",and on arriving at the starting line, shall have on her sail the correct sail number for the hull. If a Skiff cannot use the correct sail because of the need for repair, the Race Committee must be so informed.It is expected that such "substitition" shall be short term only.

6. It was also expected that new sails be used on one boat for a minimum of four years before they are replaced.

Cotuit Skiff Specification Updates [ 02-17-2007 ]
Specifications ratified post 2006 season.
Cotuit Skiff Specification Updates [ 02-17-2007 ]


Mast Measurements
Below is my mast measurements. I think the specs are great but it doesn't get at how the taper might be for optimized strength.
Diameter Measurements
15 8 (Top) - 1 11/16 round
15 - 2 round
13 6 - 2 7/16 round
12 - 2 13/16 round
10 6 - 3 3/16 round
9 - 3 6/16 round
7 6 - 3 9/16 round
6 - 3 10/16 round
4 6 - 3 11/16 round
3 - 3 13/16 round
18 - 3 13/16 round
17 - 4 square
Bottom - 3 1/4" square

Fitting Locations
15 2 - Top peak block eye fitting
14 11 - Forestay eye fitting
14 8 - Bottom peak block eye fitting
13 1 - Throat block eye fitting
11 1 - Spreader


Sail Measurements [ November-2006 ]
Sail measurement of 7 skiffs.
Sail Measurements [ November-2006 ]


Cotuit Skiff Weights [ 08-13-2006 ]
The file below is a MS Excel file.
Cotuit Skiff Weights [ 08-13-2006 ]


Cotuit Skiff Specification [ 08-30-2003 ]
Specifications of a Cotuit Skiff, Revised. Adopted by the CMYC Race Committee Aug 30, 2003. Adopted by the CMYC Race Committee (Aug 30, 2003).
Cotuit Skiff Specification [ 08-30-2003 ]


Mairs Cotuit Skiff Plans
Cotuit Skiff plans by Mairs (1956). These should be used in conjunction with the Cotuit Skiff Specifications immediately below. The first file is a zip file with both plan images. The second two are PDFs. If you wish to output to scale, output width: 2' and height: 3'. This will assure proper 1 inch to 1 foot scale.
Mairs Cotuit Skiff Plans File 1
Mairs Cotuit Skiff Plans File 2
Mairs Cotuit Skiff Plans File 3

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